This is going to be a quick update - possibly, I do have a tendency to ramble on about irrelevant things whilst trying to get a point across.

Well, my last post on this here bloggywotsit was in August last year (a rant on some arse that didn't know how to look after his own kid!) and I was in the process of writing a review of a new dads class among other posts.

The aforementioned review for a new dads class is still going to be published, as promised, but until such time I just need to say the following:

Dads to be and Dads you really need to check out DaddyNatal if you haven't already.

Right, the munchkin is now nearly 8 months old and she is growing so fast that sometimes I struggle to keep up. She recently started standing, with a bit of help, and in just a few days the amount of help given to her has decresed massively.

The biggest change though is that Emz has gone back to work, I've started back at Uni and the Munchkin goes to nursery two days a week. More on that in the future no doubt.

Well, that's about the quickest update I can manage as the Munchkin is now waking up and needs my attention.

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