PM Forgets Kid

The Prime Minister appeared to have forgotten one of his kids when they had a family meal out at the pub. I’m sure everyone knows the details and in spectacular fashion the PM blamed the other party, never seen that happen before!

Originally I thought we should give the guy a chance, after all what parent hasn’t forgotten something? I do it all the time. Not a day goes by when I leave the house then have to return as I’ve forgotten the Munchkins changing bag or my keys.

But yesterday Jeremy Vine had a phone-in on his show about this and not one person said they had never left their kids somewhere. I was listening dumbstruck. What kind of a country do we live in when everyone is leaving their kids places? It would appear you can’t move in some pubs/restaurants without tripping over kids that have been left behind.

I know I’ve had a rant before about irresponsible parenting but come on, this is ridiculous. How on earth is it possible that the majority of parents have left their own children behind? I know at all times what the Munchkin is doing and where she is, there is no way I would leave her anywhere.

So we shouldn’t give the PM a break for his indiscretion, we should be all over this and not only questioning his ability to run the country but also questioning why this country appears to be full of parents that don’t remember their own kids.

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