Big Smile

Over the years I've had friends and relatives positively gushing about their babies starting to smile, and to be honest I'd always though 'yeah, we all smile, so what?!'. Well here's my big fat apology to all the new parents who told me that their babies were smiling whilst I looked back at them blankly.

The last few days has seen Willow (our little girl, I don't remember if I mentioned her name in the intro post) smiling at people. This is a wonderful sight and her little face lights up when she smiles.First she started smiling at her mum, then the nursery assistant where I took her for a morning out, then last night grinning away at her mum's friend. Here's the thing though, she hadn't smiled at me once. To say I was feeling hurt would be an understatement, here's this 5 week old baby whom I've fed, changed, cuddled and pulled faces at and she repays me by smiling at everyone but me!

That all changed this morning though. She was in her cot gurgling away to herself and I looked in to check on her and she looked up at me, frowned for a second - as if to say 'who dare disturb me?' - then started beaming at me. It is something I am never going to forget.

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