Bad Parenting 101

I'm still furious about this so thought I'd share it with you all.

Yesterday we went to mothercare to take back something that was damaged and have a quick look around with Nanny G (i.e. my mother - Hi Mum). Emz was driving with Nanny G in the passenger seat and me in the back with the munchkin in her car seat. When we got to mothercare, which is on one of those retail parks, Emz found a parent and child space virtually outside and being the good driver she is pulled slightly past it to reverse in.

The following happened in the space of about a thirty seconds.

She started backing up and then slammed the brakes on. A small girl, perhaps 6 or 7, had run out behind our reversing car with a guy, her dad I'm presuming, a few steps behind. Emz gave him the 'stare of death' but didn't say anything as he walked past, and this is the bit that still has me fuming, he turned round, saw Emz staring at him and proceded to stick his middle finger up at her.

Needless to say Nanny G got out and had a few choice words with the chap.

I was stuck in the back of the car and couldn't do anything about this turn of events so had to sit it out.

Photo by Dennis Hlynsky 

Now, I often wonder what is happening to society and it is things like this that really make my blood boil. That poor girl is going to grow up thinking it is OK to run out behind moving cars and when she gets hit and seriously hurt or killed, the driver of the car that hits her will have a lifetime of torture, and no doubt will end up in prison and getting sued by the asshole parents who didn't teach their daughter right from wrong.

I think, and this is only my opinion, that it is time people were vetted when becoming parents and then schooled into how to be better parents (just think of all the employment this would create!).
After all, I go out of my way to learn how to be a better parent and give my daughter a better life, why shouldn't others?

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6 Responses to Bad Parenting 101

  1. You are so right about the parent school idea - it's scary how irresponsible so many are - plus they are also the ones that find everyone else to blame for their child's mistakes, except their own bad parenting!

  2. A woman and her passive, submissive husband take their young children into a buffet restaurant with a bag to place under the table where all participated in filling with bacon for their breakfast the following day.
    Then they wonder why they have to pick the kid up at the store for shoplifting.

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  5. First off, Hullo :D
    Secondly, blog more - you've got a natural style and should do it more!
    Thirdly (and to the point) I often sit and wonder/moan/bitch about "What the world is coming to" and it is NOT you in the corner wondering if you're the only one.  A lot of my own posts are ranting and raving about some rubbish that seems trivial to a lot of people, but in the long run, suggest the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

    Anyways, hope to see more from you soon!

    -Dan and 0dd1 on Twitter :)

  6. My guess is that the young kid was unable to navigate the car park due to "parent parking" stripping her of vital experience she should grow up with. Cars are getting quieter (except for in bogan towns), and kids need to learn to live around them from as early age as possible, making Parent Parking a danger to children.

    Backing into a car park far from makes you a good driver, it's almost more inconvenient as it means unnecessary waiting time for those stuck behind you. at least when you have to wait for someone to back out of a car park, you have the joy of knowing you will soon get that park.

    Third point in case, the fact you sat in the car while your mum, who I'm assuming is quite old had a go at this guy after you feel so passionately about this really makes me believe you are a wimp. 

    Please don't take this as a general hate comment, it is just my views.

    Kind Regards,

    Mr. X


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