Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me

In some kind of strange blogger version of 'tag' I have been tasked with coming up with a list of ten things you didn't know about me. At first I was overcome with a feeling of absolute dread at this impossible task as the only people that read my blog are my mum and my wife. Then I calmed down and realised that maybe others might be fooled into clicking links to it and once here take pity on me and read it (if you are one of those people I can only apologise).

Squirrel by Dominic Alves

So, yes, ten things people don't know about me (not counting wife and mother).

1 - I am absolutely useless at coming up with 'top ten' lists. So there is a good chance this may fizzle out around four or five.

2 - I hate talking about myself and suffer from very acute shyness with a hint of lack of self confidence.

3 - I once trained as a chef but hate cooking. One has alot to do with the other.

4 - I can eat a multipack of crisps in a single sitting. I'm not talking six packs either.

5 - I really really really hate the taste and texture of tomatoes but eat them because they are good for me.

6 - Although I make various claims about being a hippy, I loved driving my wifes old Land Rover and miss it now that it is gone.

7 - Charles Darwin is one of my heroes.

8 - I'm scared of dogs, cows, horses, mice, birds and sheep. In that order. With many many other things coming next.

9 - I like the taste of squirrel.

10 - Of the 900+ macro moths in the UK, I can only identify about 20 (on a good day .. well, night. unless it's a day flying moth, but I can only identify one of them. I think).

There we have it, ten things about me. I'm surprised I came up with that many and I have to admit that I did struggle a bit at the end, as you may have noticed.

Now the bit where I get to pick on people *cue evil laughter*.
People that I would like to do this next are;

First time daddy

The Life and Times of A Househusband


BTW, if you don't read their blogs already then you should.

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8 Responses to Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me

  1. That was fun - I especially like number 9. So does my husband who used to ping squirrels from trees as a child, not me though as I am from 'da streetz' - well Gloucester...
    I am now off to check out those other dads (and in any other situation that would sound rather dodgy)

  2. Thank you :) and thank you for giving me something to blog about today .. I was going to run with something completely different but nowhere near finished!

    Oh and 11 - I'm from South East London, but I got out and went to hide in the country.

  3. Thanks for the tag (ironic font). I haven't tasted squirrel but I have had hedgehog. So now I need to think of another nine.

  4. You call N'ton country? [loud giggles can be heard from the heart of Wales]

  5. well, just outside northampton.

  6. I have to ask.  How did you find out you liked the taste of squirrel?  I mean it's not like it's available in my local butchers (unlike impala, zebra, 'roo and a few other endangered species).

  7. I remember there were hedgehog crisps when I was younger.  The real thing has never tempted me.

  8. Had a morning learning to butcher game, squirrel just so happened to be one of the chosen species.


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